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Your bike at the beach

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I recently started a thread called “Your bike at the pass.” Founding Member @Dan_Frisbie noted that this poses difficulties for those of you who have no mountains in their states. While this of course can be addressed by vacationing in states with mountains, I do not wish to deprive anyone of their chance to post photos from their local environs. So here we go! Please note that (sadly) I have no photos of my bike at the beach so I am kicking things off with a couple of imports:

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Waiting on the ramp for the chain link ferry to take me to one of the most 'highest land value by area in the World' today, Sandbanks in Dorset. Bit like Palm Beach UK style I suppose? Millionaires Row they often call it, gridlocked in the Summer with tourists clamoring to sight see the houses and visit the award winning beach. Just this week they closed the access road due to volume of traffic. With a motorcycle you can filter past all the cars to get on the ferry and it costs £1 to cross, in a car it is £5 making it a quite expensive water crossing for the distance traveled.


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