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Selling this beauty

Who: Me
What: Indian Scout Bobber 18
Where: Atlanta, GA
When: No real rush but would rather have it sold to someone who would appreciate it and not sit covered in my garage/driveway
Why: I enjoyed the bike while I had it and I think for me at this point the excitement of the bike no longer outweighs the dangers of having a bike. And since that has changed I’ve been looking to let go of my bike.

Broken in nicely for the first 500 miles with varying RPMs to include both high and low. 500 and 1000 mile oil changes done using Amsoil. Kept covered and always in a garage or parking deck. Has not seen rain except once when I was caught out which was actually my last ride. Has less than 2500 miles on it currently.

10” monkey bars
Antigravity ATX-12 HD ReStart 480CA Lith Battery (Honestly one of the best upgrades I put into the bike. Never worried about a dead battery)
LED headlight with halo from eagle lights
Keyless gas tank cover
Fork wrap around turn signals
Fork covers
S&S Stealth two air filter
Stage two tuning with PCVX - Comes with the purchase
Blacked Indian logo
RPW Jack In 2 in 1 full exhaust
Guard Dawg keyless ignition system (Comes with two FOBs)
Corbin solo seat in all black (also have the old grey/red/black seat you can have)
K-Tech Bullit suspensions for the rear
Minimal bright LED rear lights - Kuryakyn by Kellermann, Atto RB Dark, Red/Red,
Satin Black

some minor cosmetic upgrades like matching thermostat cover where the ignition cover was. Aluminum grill in front of the radiator.

asking for $15k

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might want to add some more photos to increase your odds man
Haha yeh I know. Weather has been crap here and haven’t had the time to add new ones. Might need to give a wash and take some professional grade iPhone glamour shots
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