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Can anyone tell me what the differences are in the ABS/Wheel speed sensor rings?

On a 2017 Chieftain (presumably early 17 model) I observe a cast aluminum tone-ring with raised sensor tabs or ribs. Same front and rear.

On a 2017 Chief (presumably later 17 model) I observe a stamped steel ring with cut slots. Same front and rear.

A number of questions come to mind:

When was the design changed and/or why are these different? Did Polaris change the design half way through 2017? If so, why?

Are the pickup sensors compatible across the two differing ring designs? Are they completely interchangeable? Or will they malfunction if wheels are swapped that have different type rings installed?

Is one of these two designs preferable to the other for any reason? … such as a design upgrade or response to problems encountered?
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