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What scrapes first?

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When cornering really hard, what touches down first?
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This is the thread that I've been looking for. Does anyone else have any input if you are good with the lean angle of the Challenger, or if you wish you had more? I don't have one yet, but I'm a little worried that I would be disappointed with the lean angle. I tend to ride on the harder/aggressive side.

Any more helpful input would be greatly appreciated.
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The challenger’s lean angle is better than the chieftains and better than the Harley baggers but if you really need more angle or do track days, Bareknuckle Performance makes a 1” & 2” lift kit. It’s very good quality and made in the USA. I’ve been running the 2” on mine for almost a year and have had no issues. Hope this helps.
That helps a bunch, thank you for that! Would you happen to have a photo showing the stance of yours with the lift kit? Man that sounds weird, putting a lift kit on a bike. My Duramax has one, but my bike? hahaha. I've got fork extensions on my Raider that lifts the front up higher, so I suppose it's the same concept. We still tend to scrap when pushing it harder in the twisties.
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One other quick question: if I get one with a center stand, will that drag quickly as well?
Nice bike!!! Do you think the Smart Lean Tech could be an issue for me? As I understand it the Base model is the only one without it? Or can it be disabled on the Limited and Dark Horse? I really appreciate your time and response because this is all unchartered waters for me.

I've been on my Raider for 13 years, so if anyone has any questions on them, fire away 😂
I can't imagine with the lift, and your inseam, turning around in a gravel lot.
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So since the floorboards scrape first when riding solo, who makes a skinnier floorboard that let's you put it down a little further?
The back of my floorboards touch first on my RM .I think you need shorter boards
I'm good with that too. I don't use the rear of mine anyway because of my long ass legs.
So far, I've dragged the exhaust tips, but that was two up. I'm sure my boards will be dragging after getting some new shoes. I've actually experienced a little drift/slippage in the rear riding by myself and semi aggressive. I think I'll be switching to Avon Cobras for my type of riding, even though they're quite expensive.
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