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What Electronics are you Packing?

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I'm interested to learn what others are using, planning or conceiving for communication and navigation. . I've picked up great insights from disparate forums - and would like to hear from others what works, why and how!

Nexus 6P, running Android 6, mounted to the Indian Nacelle phone mount via Rokform universal adapter.
Sena 20s Bluetooth Communicator

Short term Goals:

1. Use Smartphone's native voice commands and/or Google voice command to:
Answer or Ignore phone calls
Invoke Google Maps for navigation
Check weather
Occasionally make calls or texts.
Occasionally Listen to downloaded Music
Turn everything off!

2. Use the Sena's voice commands or buttons to initiate Intercom conversations with passengers, and to occasionally to access FM.

I already execute most of these features by voice in my car with a Plantronics edge Bluetooth earpiece. The display provides adequate viewing for Navigation,

Anyone using their smartphone similarly? What is your experience?
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None. I ride to get away from the noise.

Me feel the need to carry all the junk around, you may as well stay home. Having ridden for over 32 years now, I've ridden when cell phones and GPS wasn't even an option nor concern. And believe it or not there are places here in the continental US that you cannot get a GPS signal.....been there done that. I usually have a map, but don't worry too much about electronics. They take power and are often times not reliable. I guess it's the dog faced soldier in me left over from my Army days.......learn to rely on yourself.

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Just hang up and ride. There's enough f-tards driving around in cars totally distracted by their phones, we don't need bike riders that way too.

If a call is that important, stop somewhere and make a call.
I ride with music and nav via Bluetooth/ear buds often. Never answer phone calls or texts. Don't bother to plug in a mic.

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When I ride solo, I use a scala Bluetooth headset and listen to mp3s. (metallica, eve to adam, martyrs asylum, disturbed). I have the ability to talk on the phone using it, but only if it's the wife.
When riding 2 up, I switch helmets and use the scala for intercom only. Seems to make the wife at ease on the back when we can communicate.
Thinking about a handlebar mount for the phone for GPS purposes for a couple long trips I have planned, but try to keep the distractions at a minimum.

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Howdy Folks,
I was with the "Why in the world would you want to carry a telephone around with you?" crowd for a long time, then back in 2007 I was with some friends at the Laguna Seca racetrack in California. As we were sitting on a sunny hillside watching Valentino Rossi lap the field my buddy pulled out his phone and made hotel reservations in San Francisco for that evening. It occurred to me that was a handy thing to be able to do. I bought a cell phone when we got back to Texas, although I usually have it turned off unless I need to make a call. It is just a flip-phone.

This summer, while visiting my daughter, we went and looked at the new, larger, smartphones (my daughter is much more savvy about such things than I). After looking them over and checking out the plans, she said, "Dad, for what you want to do, I think you might be better off with a tablet computer and a data plan." I bought an iPad which I use when I travel for surfing the internet, email, reading ebooks, taking photos, and as a GPS. It rides in a saddlebag. I draw the line at taking phone calls when I'm riding, but it's sure handy when I stop. I buy phone and data minutes at .25 per minute from Verizon when I'm going to be traveling, much cheaper than the least expensive smartphone plan I could find.
--- Randall

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My I pod as I am spoiled and love my music. And the damn smarter then me phone. Although that is usually in the bottom of a saddle bag when I am on a bike.
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