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I have found a remarkable source of information for our antique Indian ignition and wiring system - color pictures, diagrams, lot of details we need for rebuilds and repairs. I personally have taken apart my 1946 Chiefs ignition switch, god what spring loaded, loose parts bomb that was !!! And the new replacements are wired different, in fact the factory books I have show at least 3 different ignition systems for the same bike.

There was a gentleman in South Dakota, Bill Gordon, that made several books and booklets on Indian wiring. He is 90 some now and a good friend of his Larry Burke is helping out. They are members of the Antique Motorcycles of America in South Dakota and it is my privilege to have made contact with them.
When an email address for Bill Gordon didn't work out I contacted the head of the AMCA of South Dakota to find him. His name is Jim Wellemeyer, President, Sunflower AMCA, [email protected]
He in turn referred me to Larry Burke, Bill Gordons riding buddy.

Here is the email I receive from Larry Burke.....[email protected]
Bill is 91 and I am 72, all photo's are either my collection or from the Herb Ottaway collection. Bill retired as a GE Field Engineer, publishing medical equipment manuals for field operators....sometimes the custodian in a little far away hospital had to adjust an X-ray machine...,.that is the clarity of the publication.

Chief, Scout and 4 Cylinder Manuals

Bill and I offer complete timing and wiring manuals for Vtwins 36-53. Each is approximately 28-32 pages. With color photos and quality CAD drawings. Magneto models 46-53 are extremely rare in which we only have the wiring manuals for those years. We also offer the High Output 3 Brush Generator Manual for Chiefs and 4's. Photo's below depict the quality of the manuals.

When ordering I need to know the year, model and style of ignition. Manuals for wiring or timing are $25.00 each or set of wiring and timing for 40.00, all 3 manuals $55.00 plus Priority USPS.

These take the guess work, assumptions and voids out of all the Indian publications.

Larry Burke
Wichita, Ks


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