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I know that Viking saddlebags - and in particular their mounting system - doesn’t seem to get a lot of love on the forum, so I thought I would provide a somewhat long-winded review based on my own personal experience.

I first purchased these for use on my Scout Sixty back in 2018. They are locking bags of a semi-rigid design. They employ Vikings ‘all weather leather,’ which I assume is some form of better quality vinyl, and actually appear to be quite well made for the money. They lock, hold their shape when empty, and feature a handy internal pocket for keys ETC.

During the purchasing process, you specify your make and model so that Viking can presumably send you a compatible mounting kit,, which is included at no additional charge. What you actually receive is a very generic system of brackets and mounting hardware that - while serviceable - may need to be tweaked to work with your bike. While the right-side mount fit my Scout just fine, the left side mount put the saddlebags in direct contact with the belt guard. I was able to pick up a couple of extra wide washers at my local hardware store which moved the bags further out from the guard, but still ended up wearing a bit of a ‘channel‘ into my belt guard over time.
(Pro tip: If you go with the supplied mounting kit, please make sure that you Loctite all of the fasteners and let the bond cure prior to use. This is probably common sense to any of you mechanically inclined, but as I’m not, I didn’t learn the value until I was riding down a dirt farm road and one by one, my fasteners just started to come off the bike, leaving one of my bags dangling.)

Installation was relatively straightforward, though there are plenty of videos on the web If you need a little additional guidance. I was able to handle the installation solo, but it would have been nice to have an extra pair of hands around, because if your like me, you really want to try to get that saddle bag even with the top of the exhaust if only for purely aesthetic reasons. Please make sure that when you mount the exhaust side saddle bag, the bottom of your bag is at least an inch above the exhaust itself to avoid any scorching.

When I traded my Scout 60 after 16,000 miles, the Warrior bags looked little different from new, so I just transferred them to my new 2020 Scout. I had also purchased some easy brackets from Indian Only Enterprises, so that I could remove the bags during maintenance and cleanup. They’ve worked out just fine, but again in my estimation, don’t offer sufficient belt guard clearance on that left-hand side without the addition of some extra washers or spacers

In removing the bags from my Scout 60, I did notice that some cracks had started to appear around the mounting holes on the backside of the saddlebags. So when I reinstalled the saddlebags on my new Scout using the easy brackets, I ended up drilling four new holes to ensure a stronger mount.

Having just hit the 18,000 mile mark on my 2020, I ended up removing the bags for good. They had survived a combined 34,000 miles and to be honest, were still hard to distinguish from new. The locking mechanism still worked fine, and that ‘all weather leather‘ still looked great. One of the twist fasteners that keep the bag’s flap closed had parted ways at some point, but other than that, they held up amazingly well for a bag set that I believe I paid just under $300.00 for initially. The mounting cracks - however - had spread to the point that I felt that riding with them any further may be pushing my luck. I tend to pack heavy, so someone who’s less of a kitchen-sink type may not experience the mounting cracks to the extent that I did.

The attached photos are from only a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, the bags still look great, and I think they fit the lines of the Scout quite well. Considering what I paid for them, and with the few caveats I mentioned, it’s really hard to find fault with those Viking Warrior saddlebags.

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My dad has a set on his Vulcan S, not sure which model.
A bit on the small side, but they work well. His main complaint is that you can't leave them unlocked, key will only remove when the cylinder is rotated to 'lock'.

IIRC, he had to do a small mod to the mounting to get them to sit how he wanted them.
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