I just bought these black painted hard saddlebags for $600 plus shipping on the Viking website in late April 2023, I decided to go back to my other Viking saddlebags with quick release. They include inner bag liners with handles, and 2 keys to the top locks. The bags each have a pocket on the inside for small items. As the title says these are drilled out specific to the fender bolt holes for Indian Scout Bobber, Bobber Twenty, or Rogue. They do have a bit of metallic/pearl look in the sun. I have heat shield material on the bottom of the pipe side bag.

If you have stock pipes or thick barreled pipes these bags won’t fit and will hit the top pipe. These bags are best used with any shorty pipes, combat 2-1, radical radius, or others that are not high up near the back tire. I had slash cut turnouts that were the same diameter as the headers and I couldn’t get my fingers between the bag and pipe, they were too close so I put my shorty mufflers back on.

When I first put them on I forgot to adjust the shocks for the bag weight and the left bag rubbed on the shock so I used some RTV black silicone to fix it, you can sand it down if you want it flush.

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The first 7 picture are above and the rest are below: