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Yesterday I went for a ride, and when I got back, it looked like some oily substance (oil or gas) had vented out the right side of my bike. The thermostat cover, exhaust heat shields, basically all the chrome on the right hand side had been hit by a mist of some oily substance. Left side was completely clean. Any idea what this could be? 2018 Scout with 14K miles.

Bike was freshly wiped down before the ride and I did not hit any wet roads or wet spots in the road. Really light traffic and I don't recall passing any cars that were smoking or would have other wise been putting out oil. I did fill up with gas while I was out but I thought the fuel vapor vent was way down in front of the rear wheel. It was pretty hot out, around 90F.

Just trying to figure this out and see if it's normal or a problem as I prepare for a hot summer riding season. Thanks!
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