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Howdy. I have 17 RM, but when I bought it, the trunk was missing, so I got a pretty smoking deal. I finally found a decently priced trunk, so I bought that. It has the trunk wire (2412614) and had the trunk audio speaker kit wire (2413049). I removed that, since I don't think I'll need it. Because I didn't have a trunk, I added saddlebag speakers and hooked those to the built in 4 channel amp. I know to add the saddlebag amplifier and the splitter to get all 6 speakers working. I'm not quite clear though on how the speakers attach to the harness (I haven't taken it apart).

On the trunk harness there are two connectors (attached pic), but when I look in the owner's manual, to connect /disconnect the trunk, I only see one plug. Also, in the manual, it looks like there's an amp on the underside of the trunk. I'm guessing that's an older image since the 17 had the 4 channel amp in the fairing?

Any info would be great! Thanks!

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