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I bought an Indian Vintage a couple of months ago.
Right off the bat I was "missing" my tour pack from my HD Ultra Classic (the only thing really).
Was looking on line and found this and if you have a Vintage might like it. This guys name is Wayne at (Heather's Leather's - don't be fooled by the name-lol). -- his FB page will show you better pictures of a tour pack he made for a Vintage.
It's nice - but in talking to him the other day - it is a just little pricey - (no where near Indian or HD pricey though).
Heather's Leathers - Clover, South Carolina - Motorcycles | Facebook (FB page - look towards the bottom for the Vintage Tour pack he custom made).
I believe he told me this one (attached pics) cost about $600 or so. And he can custom the color and shape etc.
He is in Clover SC (not to far a ride for me and going to go over and see him next week) - but he does make and deliver them.
He can also do custom bags etc...
Anyway it was cool and thought I would share it and see what others think including cost. I don't know that is that bad really? Interested in your comments.


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Let us know how they fit on your bike, photos would be GREAT!!
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