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For Sale a TomTom Rider 400. This package has every thing you need. The TomTom Rider 400, a ram mount with 2 locks, the power adapter and a case. The 2 locks are as follows, 1 locks the ram mount to the ram ball, the other lock will lock the TomTom GPS unit to the power adapter. The power adapter allows you to connect this to your power source (I prefer switched power, I had it connected to my fuze block). With the locks you never have to remove this unit from the bike, start your bike the unit powers up and away you go. Full disclosure, I would not leave it on overnight outside as the weak link is the bolts that hold the ram ball to the handlebars, but that's just common sense.
Price is $200.00 for everything shipped to the lower 48.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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