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$40-50 to mount and balence is what everyone around here is charging, wheel off the bike for several years. I have done a dozen or more in the last two years for friends and I won't spoon them off unless it's a chrome steel spoke rim. All the aluminum wheels I send them to someone with a tire machine.
I was in Sturgis this year and decided I wanted Metzler 888's so I went to JP Cycle. They had an Indy in there back parking lot changing tires. They were very cheap in my book so I had them change them. $150 for both tires mounted and balenced on the bike. I didn't have to do it myself as I planned on and got to look at some pretty women and have a couple of beers while it was being done. It took an hour. They inspected the bearings and will not let a bike go with bad bearings. I tipped the guy $20 before went he was rolling my bike to the lift. I was very happy. So if y'all are going to Sturgis ( I'm sure they do it in Daytona also) keep that in mind. Oh and Jp Cycle charged the same for the tires as their everyday price online no rally markup's.
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