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Tire mounting price.

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I contacted a few shops to get quotes on how much it would cost to get the front tire mounted, and to be honest the prices floored me! Do these prices look normal to you?
Dealer wheel on bike $125, $75 wheel off of the bike.
Local shop #1 $75 wheel off the bike.
Local shop #2 $50 wheel off the bike.

This seems insane to me when I have had four large tires put on my Jeep for less!
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Based on my knowledge of "tire shops" there are none I know I would trust to mount a motorcycle tire. I'm happy to hear though that you have one that did not cause issues, it's rare. I've seen these guys ruin auto wheels, atv, motorcycle and even farm wheels with regularity. The guy busting the tires is usually the lowest paid and least educated. That has not changed in decades.
The shop I got on for this is a small shop and the guy that does MC tires is the co-owner. If he messes it up, he buys a new rim. And they let you watch the whole evolution. I’ve had 6 tires done there and not a scratch or issue. All they do is tires, so no sales clerk taking my rim and tire to the back and trying to do it.
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