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Thunder Works "Black Feathers"

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We are introducing a new product. These are Black Feathers made from 1/4" thick ABS plastic. They come with double stick tape. They can be applied to most any surface on your bike. (They don't work well on the tires.) They can enhance the "Indian" look of your bike. (Not recommended for Harleys.) They are being offered at a special intro price at
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I would probably order these, and spray them with a quality chrome paint so at least it would match something on my bike. I know you say there is something black on my bike, but being the bold few with the Willow Green combo, there's not much black to go around to match those. They look fantastic though, I will be ordering a set and repainting them before adhering them to my baby girl. Thanks for making awesome products for us, I truly enjoy my temp gauge dipstick to the extreme.
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