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this is why i do all of my own work

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soooooo wen i bought my 2017 springfield {my second one} the dealer did a service on it and now that it hit 9800 miles i wanted to get the shitty indian oil out of it as i put 2500 or so miles on it. so here we go, i hadda put a one foot breaker bar on the allen wrench with a lotta oommph to crack the drain plugs loose so much so they made a snapping sound as they broke free. i find it totally amazing that the threads did not strip out, i got lucky and i knew wen i got to the oil filter i was gonna have a problem and guess wut....i was right. being that it was the short filter [indian brand] i could not get my filter tool in there to loosen it and even if i did it was so tight i hadda crush the filter with channel locks to get a grip and got it off. i mean common sense you dumb ass indian would be techs if that guy worked for me he would be fired on the spot. WHY CANT THESE DEALERS HIRE COMPETENT PEOPLE. ok rant over.