This is Marcus. and Thunder Works is selling a 2016 Indian Springfield. This bike has only 12600 miles on it and has been kept in climate control since new. Nearly perfect condition. It is not cheap but comes with $8650 worth of accessories. Never any problems. Ready to buy and ride today. Instead of ordering a bike and waiting months, you can ride today or next week whatever. I used this bike to design and fit parts for Thunder Works. I rode it not very often. My riding days might be over. Hip issues. It is a shame just to sit there. So if someone wants a killer bike to ride now, here it is. There are cheaper options out there. This bike I promise is fantastic ( I have a reputation to protect.) It is very rare to get so many accessories with a used bike. Since I manufacture them it is easier to include them in the deal. It is too much to list and show photos here. If you click on this link, it will take you to my web page featuring the bike. A full description and photos are also there.

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