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June 20th is the longest day of 2016, June 18th is the longest Saturday of the year so it makes sense to do the Longest Ride that day. 400 mile relay ride with 3 IMRG Chapters. Knoxville to Murfreesboro to Chattanooga. Knoxville will leave out to.join up with Murfreesboeo then our two groups will join up with Chattanooga and back to Knoxville. Murfreesboro and Chattanooga will continue the relay until they complete the loop. C'mon out. You can stay tuned at Indian Motorcycle Riders Group of Knoxville's Facebook page or email us at [email protected].
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Longest Day Ride

Longest Ride Schedule
Knoxville IMRG 1971
04:30 EST Riders Meeting, waivers, and purchase wristbands at Indian Motorcycles of Knoxville

05:00 EST KSU

06:50 EST fuel stop at Exit 280, there is a Speedway and a Love's Truck stop. We'll be there no more than 30 minutes. (112 Miles)

08:15 EST/07:15 CST Knoxville Group arrives at Indian Motorcycles of Murfreesboro after a quick fuel stop at Shell gas station on HWY 41 about a quarter mile past Indian of Murfreesboro. (59 Miles)

06:30- Middle Tennessee IMRG riders meeting (this incudes all riders on The Longest Ride, waivers signed, wristbands purchased.

08:15 EST/07:15 CST-09:00 EST/08:00 CST- Pancake Breakfast at Sloan's, mingle, look over the bikes, buy shirts etc...

09:00 EST/08:00 CST- KSU From Indian Motorcycles of Murfreesboro

10:00 EST- IMRG Chattanooga riders meeting (this includes all riders on The Longest Ride) wivers signed, wristbands purchased

11:00 EST-Knoxville and Murfreesboro Groups arrive after fuel stop on Exit 2 on HWY 153, Texaco and Kangaroo Stations.

11:00-11:45 EST- Eat at Crockett Powersports, mingle, look over bikes, buy shirts, etc...

11:45 EST-KSU from Indian Motorcycles of Chattanooga

13:30 EST- All three Groups arrive at Indian of Knoxville after quick fuel stop on Mercant's Drive exit I75, KENJO, Mobile and Pilot.

13:30-14:15 EST Another meal will be served for those that are hungry or did not eat in Chattanooga, look over bikes, mingle, buy shirts, etc...

14:15 EST KSU from Indian Motorcycles of Knoxville

16:05 EST/15:05 CST- Fuel stop Exit 280, Love 's and Speedway 30 minute stop.

17:30 EST/16:30 CST Murfreesboro and Chattanooga arrive at Indian of Murfreesboro after quick fuel stop for Chattanooga at the Shell a quarte rmile past Sloan's on HWY 41

17:30 EST/16:30 CST-18:15 EST/17:15 CST- Eat, cool off, look over bikes, buy shirts etc...

18:15 EST/17:15 CST - KSU Indian Motorcycles of Murfreesboro

20:15 EST- Chattanooga IMRG arrives in Chattanooga

20:16 EST- Cool off, breathe, have a tasty beverage, tell stories.

The ride was calculated at 62mph with stops, we may arrive earlier than scheduled, our KSU times will NOT change, regardless of arrival time.

We want this to be a safe ride and for everyone to have fun, so the very basic rules are:

We will ride in staggered formation as a group, no closer than 2 seconds behind the rider immediately to your front as outlioned in the video and no further than 4 seconds. This is while on the highway. When taking offramps or other narrow roads we will ride sigle file. Just watch for the signs.

No jumping formation.

Buddy up with a rider near you. We have scheduled stops, if you need fuel outside of the normal stops, need a personal break, or haver a mechanical issue pull off with your buddy. The group will keep going unless it is an accident involving our big Group.

Medical emergency- If you have a medicla emergency your buddy should pull off with you, we have a few personnel in our formation that are medically trained, they will stop to check your condition and render aid as required. ON that note, if you have a medical condition that may present itself as an issue please make sure your buddy is aware of it.

Show up with a full and I mean full tank of fuel, top off at each fuel stop.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate days before the ride

Be prepared for rain, Carnuba wax on your windshield works like motorcycle RainX.

ONE LAST THing- In order to track the number of participants and their start points, please reply to this post with your first initial and last name and the point you will be starting from. example being D Murphy-Knoxville.


OK bring on the questions and comments.

Have fun, Ride Proud, Ride Safe
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