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Indian Motorcycles said:
Watch as the all-new 2015 Indian Scout is revealed during a thrilling wall of death unveiling in Sturgis, SD.
Mike Wolfe introduces this video and has been involved with the emcee position for Indian Motorcycles since it's return last year at Sturgis. We get a front row seat to the VIP unveiling of the new Indian Scout at Sturgis! No waiting in line and no peering over the tall guy in front of you. Watch as they give the keynote about the Scout and then take it into the Wall of Death that was featured in the Scout Introduction Video we posted a few days ago.

Now for the real treat! At about 5:20, we get to hear the "Indian Scout Wall Bike" fired up and grab a few revs! Man, oh man, does that thing sound good!

After that, Mike catches up with Roland Sands to discuss the Scout, and he essentially lays down the gauntlet with the statement, "Indian always built bikes, well I hate to say it, that are better than Harley Davidsons." That is a big big statement. I guess that the folks over in the Harley - Indian Wars Thread have a little more fodder for their discussion!
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