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So, I have an 2015 Chieftain that I love riding, but of late have some some display issues. First, the TPMS doesn't work, the dealer tells has reset the TPMS 3 or 4 times to no avail. He now wants to change out the sensors on the wheels which is cool, he can have it next week when it turns colder here in MI.

That isn't what the thread is about; it's about the display box going dim or the dash going dead intermittently. Something I told the dealer the last time I had it in for the TPMS, but he couldn't duplicate. I was out tonight and the rectangular display went blank, but the gauges continued to work. Then the needles on the tachometer and speedometer when to zero for a little bit and then all of it came back on. The backlight for the dash and the audio system seemed unhindered by what I think is a loss of ground in the board that controls the dash. The wave solder on the board could be faulty; the bike didn't cut out and I wasn't playing the dash brightness switch on the right.

Have any of you seen this problem?

The only thing I have had done to the bike in the last 6K miles, all original from me, is the power button had to be replaced because of some chrome blackening. The display problem started before the button replacement.
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