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Thunder Works produces what we believe to be the most effective air filters for all the Indian bikes. The Hurican (for Scout) and the "Rippers" for the 111 and 116 bikes all incorporate a "bulb" design as well as a large reusable filter. Air flow is slowed down as it turns a 90 degree angle in a pipe or elbow. This occurs because the velocity of the iair becomes different on the inside of the turn and the outside of the turn. Some of the air becomes compressed and the walls cause friction. Because of the way the intake manifolds are mounted on the Indian bikes, all filter manufacturers must deal with this problem. Most just make a nice looking filter and don't address the airflow restriction caused by the turn. These"other" filters still perform well and some look really good. However, if you want maximum performance possible you should take a look at the Thunder Works filters. The bulb design at the turn point allows the air to open up as it turns. This reduces compression and friction. So the air is able to make the turn easier than any other method. We also use very large air filters. As they get dirty they still allow more air to flow than smaller filters especially as they get dirty. The final element is deciding if you like the look of the Thunder Works filters. We think you will like the price and hope you like the look. Check out all of our filters at www/
Here is a photo of the Naked Ripper.

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