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Is anybody else having an issue with their speedometer and screen on their 2014 Indian Chief Classic? My speedometer is stuck on 60 and my screen is completely blank. Everything else works fine on the the bike, including cruise control and all lights. I tried disconnecting the battery to reboot the system, but no results. Any ideas guys? Thanks ~ Cobra

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What was wrong with the speedometer cluster, I'm having an issue with a 2017 scout cluster, blank at 60mph.
Recently had problems with my 2017 60 speedo- problem was water ingress- and it needed a new gauge:mad:

condensation inside glass after several miles riding,
Then hi beam indicator became stuck on, speedo needle still functional
Mode switch became erratic/non functional, speedo still functional
Digital display started occasionally showing low voltage warning, speedo still functional
Voltage shown drops erratically, eventually becoming so low digital screen 'blanks out' and rest of gauge became totally non functional.
Over several days this became more frequent until gauge was 'dead' most of time until became totally dead- apart from a brief flash of indicator lights on switching bike on at key.
This also coincided with battery dying (for first time ever).
These symptoms grew over the course of a week- YMMV

I can only conclude water got into electronics causing a short/parasitic drain which drops the voltage available to the gauge until it can't power the electronics in gauge.

Other things to check:-
battery voltage
Battery terminal tightness.
Chafed wiring causing a short.

Hope this is useful, otherwise you are looking at ~300 smackers for a new gauge unit.:(
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