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I bought a new LED adaptive headlight to provide more up front illumination. I searched and asked for vids, text or something that specifically addressed the Springfield (mine is a 2018) I did get a response from Brian Remington (Two Indians) with the link to his video back showing him replacing the Headlamp. It was a good video ( would have been great if he included the part of him cussing during the tear down, lol) but I just could not accept that I had to dismantle the entire structure (front nacelle) on the front forks, the headlamp housing, the driving lights and the power button casing behind the forks (rear nacelle). Having busted my butt on my two corvettes over the years I thought there had to be a way to change the light without all that disassembling.

I found the headlamp retaining ring 4 screws and saw there was enough space to get a small magnetic philips head screw driver in to undo these screws. I carefully removed the four screws making sure I did not scratch the housing and gently pulled them out (of course one or two fell off the screw driver and fell down into the base of the housing, which I retrieved after the light and ring were out, much easier). Removing the headlamp ring is a little more tricking. I worked the ring around until I was able to remove it partially with two tabs out again the key point here is to be careful not to scratch the headlamp housing (I had a soft no-marring moving pad on the fender to insure no scratches on it). Once the ring was out I disconnected the old OEM headlamp and proceeded to install the new LED headlamp. The connection was plug and play, simple (it did take a pair of Channel locks to insure the male connector


was fully inserted into the female receptor


firmly). There was a red wire on the adaptive headlamp which upon research did not apply to the Springfield being a USA bike. Now the task was to get the headlight, ring and four screws back into the house and all "buttoned" up

This is a little trickier, first place the ring outside the housing to make sure you see exactly where the tabs should line up with the hole for the screws. This insures you are not trying to spin (did not work for me the first couple of times) the ring once inserted on the headlamp. Now connect the headlamp and place in the housing and headlamp carriage. Next carefully and gently place the ring into the housing with the tab in relative proximity to the holes as you found earlier. Now for the fun part, using the small magnetic phillips screw driver aim and place the screw into the tab hole. line up with the headlamp carriage hole and screw in that first screw (do not tighten but make sure you have a good "bite" on the screw and carriage hole, you want all four screws in before you begin fully tightening them) once that is done, move onto the next screw. You may drop the screw but in all likelihood the screw will drop to the base of the housing or as in my case completely out of the housing and onto the garage floor, those buggers are small and tough to find on the floor sometimes. (I dropped the screws multiple times extending the time period for completion of the task, but I did remain calm and did not allow the frustration level to take over) and you can retrieve the screw with the magnetic screw driver. This part did take me longer than dismantling. Be patience, don't rush anything and you should be able to finish the job and be on you way for a little wind therapy (you’ll need it now) after a job well done.

This get those last screws in I did have to use a secondary screw driver to sort of "shift” the headlamp (again gently and carefully). I am sorry I did not take any photos but if you need any more information feel free to contact me I will help in any way I can.

P.S. I did find this link to a Youtube vid showing the removal of the headlamp nacelle, it is a very good and straight forward installation video in case you do not wish to attempt from the front only addressing the 4 retaining ring screws. If I had seen this vid before I attempt the procedure above I would have use it. looks simple enough.


American Custom Engineering , LLC 2016 Installation of the Custom Dynamics LED TruBEAM Headlight P/N CDTB-7-I-C and Passing Lamps

Mark (Rummy)
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