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I bought a used 2015 Vintage in OCT 2015. It came with a Tan Heated Touring Seat. While extremely comfy, I am more of a solo saddle rider. The bike had 600 miles on it when I bought it and the seat was pulled at 1000 miles.

The date of the seat part number sticker is "09/14", so I have zero clue as to whether this is 2014 or 2015 leather. My bags are 2015 leather and you can compare the two in my pics below. Edit: I have been to my local dealer and looked at their current touring saddles. Mine looks to be 2014 in color and feel. It's so close to my 2015 bags, but not near as dark as a new 2015/2016 saddle. I lowered the price accordingly.

Factory part number is 2686355-06 and it can be seen on their parts diagram here. << click that word <<
You will get the seat, the passenger strap, and two screws for mounting the strap - parts 1, 7, & 8, at the parts diagram link above.

There is a light-colored spot in the leather on the underside of the right side of the passenger pillion. That's the only flaw I can find. It can be seen in the side-view photo below. Heat switches and all wiring are perfect with the heat also working properly.

The seat and passenger strap are over $1500 from the parts list. I will sell for $450 delivered via UPS or FedEx ground. PayPal + 2.5% or a mailed check for the asking price is fine. Email me or use the site messaging interface if you wish to do a deal. [email protected]

From the Indian website:
This Genuine Leather Heated Touring Seat provides Indian Motorcycle® riders with plush, comfortable seating that has internal heating elements for warm comfort during cold-weather riding. This seat bolts securely in place and has an electrical connection to the motorcycle’s electrical system. Both the driver and passenger enjoy comfortable seating that is the ideal blend of cushion and support, on a seating area that is larger than the stock seat and with individual heat controls. The stylish seat features premium black leather with custom contrasting stitching and rivet trim, and the back of the driver seat features an embossed Indian Motorcycle®script logo. This seat can be used in conjunction with accessories such as the trunk and driver backrest (each sold separately).
  • Material: Premium Leather with studs
  • Leather care: Leather is a natural product and will exhibit qualities inherent in a natural material. Fading, wrinkles, grain changes, creases, and small marks are assurance that this material is not man-made. As the product is used, each leather product will exhibit tarnish from use. Regular care will help keep premium leather products looking their best.
  • Features: Individual driver and passenger Hi/Lo/Off heat control settings; Embossed Indian Motorcycle® script logo
  • Installation: Replaces the stock seat; heating element plugs into the Indian Motorcycle® wiring harness
  • Includes: Comfortable studded leather seat and integrated heating element
  • Does not work with: Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar
  • Recommended with: Indian® Chieftain® Quick Release Trunk and Genuine Leather Driver Backrest Pad
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