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I purchased this 1920 Saddle Seat (with sub-frame/battery cover) brand new. Only has ten minutes of use! I absolutely love how the bike looks with the seat and how comfortable it is. And I don't mind sitting a bit higher. But (because I'm an idiot) I hadn't taken into account that my windshield was now a tiny bit low. So I've decided to sell the seat ($390.00 retail) and the sub-frame/batter cover ($50.00 retail) for a standard Scout and a sub-frame/batter cover for the Scout Bobber. Everything is in like-new condition.

The reason I have a subframe/battery cover for both style bikes is because I was originally sent the kit for a standard Scout. While I have a standard Scout, I modified the rear fender to look like the OEM Bobber. Since my dealership had the correct part, I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it to Indian and having the correct kit sent.

So if you have a Bobber, you're good-to-go. And if you have a standard Scout, you're also good-to-go!

If you were to buy this from Indian or a dealership, it would cost $440.00 before taxes. I'm selling everything for $300.00 (free shipping to 48 contiguous states). PM me or post any questions you might have. I'll do my best to answer them right away. I prefer PayPal via friends/family, but local pick up is fine too. If you're a regular on the forum, I will definitely work with you on payment options.

Thanks for your interest.

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