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T-shirt Clothing Text Product Sleeve
Clothing White Sleeve Long-sleeved t-shirt T-shirt
Clothing Sleeve Sweater Outerwear Long-sleeved t-shirt
Clothing T-shirt Text Sleeve Font
Clothing Black Sleeve T-shirt Text
Clothing Sleeve Outerwear Shirt Uniform
Clothing Collar Outerwear Sleeve Button
Clothing Sleeve Outerwear T-shirt Active shirt
Indian OEM sweatshirt and shop shirt, both size small.

I received these as a gift, but they are a little tight on me (I’m 5’10” and weigh 175). I took the tags off and tried them on, but they’re effectively brand new.

$30 for the shirt, $40 for the sweatshirt. $5 shipping for each one.

If you buy both, $70 total and that includes shipping.
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