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Have these items in the garage and would like to move them on. They came as extras and/or takeoffs with a 2017 Chieftain I bought and have now sold. All look basically brand new; likely either removed at purchase or soon thereafter. Guessing the Q-D Spool/Bushings kit was either purchased in error or was a leftover from a Chief model bike.

Passenger Pegs: These are universal fit for the Thunderstroke model bikes. Believe the P-N is 2880667-626. List price by Indian is $204.99.

Q-D Spool/Bushings Kit: I believe these are the smaller of the 2 sizes Indian offers. Diameter is 1 1/4 inches, and fitment should be for the 2014-2018 Chief models, which would be P-N 2879470. These DID NOT fit the Chieftain; same parts on the Chieftain measured 1 1/2 inches in diameter, which is reason for above statement as to why they came along. Indian lists this kit for $79.99.

Also have the covers/inserts pictured; will throw in with the passenger pegs. After making the first set of pics, went to Hardware store and picked up 2 additional bolts to complete set of 4 each; see last picture.

Would like to sell everything together as one lot, but will consider splitting if all buyer wants is the pegs.

Price: $150 for everything, shipping included.

IMG_2554.JPG IMG_2557.JPG IMG_2552.JPG IMG_2553.JPG
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