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Slow Crank New Battery And Starter. Any Ideas? It's Driving Me Nuts

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My 01 Scout really wont crank, very labored turning over. Here's what I know it's not (either new or checked)

Bike was starting and running with no issues, parked it . A week later go to start it and it cranked slow and stalled out when got to compression on engine. Battery was 3 yrs old, and although I had good lights, starter draws a lot more so i replaced it. All cables were checked at this time.

Went to start, no difference. a friend sold me a brand new Ultima 1.4kw starter he had no use for for $50.00, so I tore down the outer primary (belt ect look good) pulled starter and installed new one. Inspected and cleaned jack shaft and lubed inner and outer bushings jack shaft runs in (they looked "OK" , no wear marks or galling.

Still very slow , labored crank. (It will crank, but very slow, with plugs out of engine)

Replaced plugs and got 'lucky' it was very labored, but started, Engine seems to run OK.

Ran a seperate start wire and shot it 12v (so the bikes push to start switch and relay were not involved, and even used the 'slap start button" on rear of solenoid of new starter, same results.

At This point I suspect either the inner primary bearing and / or the input shaft bearing on the tranny.

Any thoughts? don't want to start ripping it apart with no real plan or idea
(already threw a new battery and starter on it due to rushed diagnostics)

After the fact benched BOTH starters,both check out OK.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Did you pull the plug out of the base and make sure your oil didn't drain and fill the crank up with oil? This causes drag on the flywheels. Which can cause a loss of 15 to 20 hp or make it take that much more for cranking. It would be the difference of running on land or running in waste deep water
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