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I really like this forum,and although I do not post very much I thought I would give a review after buying my 15 Chieftain six months ago.
Also,I would give reviews and opinions on upgrades and accessories that I have added since. Here we go...
Back in October I traded in my 2007 HD Roadking for the Chieftain I have now,didnt know very much about the Indians until after I bought it. The bike was completely stock except for Indian sissybar/luggage rack,passenger floorboards were added by previous owner.
So,finally all paperwork is done,and its time to ride.Weather was perfect for mid October high70s sunny,I couldn't wait to ride it (dealer does not allow test rides)
First thing I had to get used to was the tall windshield-it works great,but at its lowest position the top edge is right in my line of sight.(I'm 5-10)
Second thing using my toe to upshift-Ive had a heal shifter on my last 5 bikes.While riding I love the torque,and the smoothness over rough bumps,and lack of vibration associated with my Roadking.I am digging this new to me Indian!
First part I added was Pinnacle heel shifter-works well,bought on EBAY way less then at the dealer.
Second was a Klockwerks10 in Flare Windshield,I chose the light smoke tint. Works really nice! I have found that if I adjust the height about an inch below my line of sight I have very little buffeting at highway speeds,when riding my girlfriend she asks me to raise it fully to help with buffeting.Overall I am satisfied with the Klockwerks.
Next I added slipon mufflers-I looked at a lot of videos on the net searching for deep rumbling sound that wasn't to harsh,but let everyone know I was riding a big Vtwin motorcycle-I wantedthe LLOYDZ,called and was told they were no longer available stumbled on Samson's website listened to the 4inch fishtail soundclip,so I purchased them on their website.A few dter they arrived-one of the mufflers had a very slight ding which I wasnt happy about,but decided to install them as it isnt visible after installation. Got em on,wiped fingerprints,and WD40 off,start up the bike improved sound,very deep Samson claims they have a deep baritone sound,I agree,but not loud,at this point I am thinking I widh I would have chose something louder,but those fishtails look so fitting with the lines and curves of the Chieftain! Sound improves once the 1.75 inch fixed baffles get some miles on them.
Next I added a PV3 from Fuel Moto,downloaded the improved stock tune-bike is snappy off idle much improved throttle response,bottome end,mid range,and higher rev limit.
Of course it doesn't stop here,I purchased a new unused Venom Plenum intake kit from a forum member here transaction was seamless and I had my intake in no time,emailed Fuel Moto and a got 2 tunes for the intake,1 is a Dynojet tune-tried it first for a couple hundred miles-worked very well-especially down in the low to mid range very smooth acceleating and decel.Yesterday,I downloaded Craigs FM tune,and rode about 150 miles,very close to the dynojet tune except a noticable improvement in midrange acceleration.The VP intake works well on a stock 111 with the stock throttlebody and canned maps-I am sure dyno tuning will make a nice improvement tho.Time will tell...
A couple of other additions I have made are the Kuryakyn spear grips-I really like them over the stock grips.
Hopnell highway bar chaps/lowers.I like these cause they help keep your legs,and torso warm during cold days/nights and dry on wet roads-east to install,have 2 pouches that are detachable,but they can fall off easily,I plan on remedying this with velcro.
All in all I really love my Chieftain,I don't have the engine clack noise like many mention,runs smoother,better, more power everywhere,it will flat out dust my 07 RK,and I had added intake, cams,tuner,etc...

Cant wait til warmer,and longer days- I am anxious to ride it thru some twisty mtn roads.
Thanks for reading!

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Do Cams and Freedom true dual headers next. The headers remove the cat which will make your bike a lot louder but not obnoxious and you will get rid of the heat from it. Also, the cams will give you much noticed additional power and a nice loping idle. I have Indian slip-ons, Freedom true dual headers, the Indian round air intake and the cams. I just had a dyno run yesterday. 81HP and 124.24 foot pounds of torque. My fuel air was almost perfectly 13-1 using the Indian map. Dr Dyno said he couldn't improve it with the Power Commander.
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