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Signal Dynamics XP Brake light Module install

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I hope this is posted in the right place. Has anyone successfully installed the XP Brake Light Module. I read other posts that show the same problem I am having. Those posts are 2+ years old with no activity for 2 years. The XP system will work with the ignition on but not when the engine is running. I have used the same system on Victory and HD with success. I know it is connected & grounded correctly. I use it to connect to new accessory lights to flash 5 times each time I apply the brake. The accessory lights are not on otherwise. (The same setup as my Victory and HD) As stated, all works great when turning on ignition. The accessory light flash 5 times each time brake applied and the Brake lights works as normal. THEN, when I start engine, I apply brake and the accessory lights flash and the brake light works as normal ONLY 1 time. Then, I apply brakes again, the accessory lights do nothing and the brake light does not come on. There has to be something to make this work. Anyone have success?
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Same issue, 2017 Chieftain. I'm using E151 PK/DB for the red w/wht stripe connection to the BackoffXP. Everything works perfectly with the bike not running. Had I of not seen your post, I might have opened up the wiring harness before realizing it wasn't working, thanks. I have an email into SignalDynamics to check product compatibility.
Called SD, they had not heard of this problem but suggested to put a 330Ohm resister in parallel between the brake bulb wire and the bikes brake light wire. It's still doesn't work when the engine is running. I'll look for another unit but will check for compatibility before purchasing.
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