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Seat off when washing Bike - Really ?

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G'day ***** Lovers :)

read in a respected mag an article that suggested removing the leather seat when washing the bike.o_O That sounds a little crazy to me and I was wondering what the manual says if anything and if anybody is actually doing that ?

It also suggested using a seat cover when parking outside.

All these measure are to protect the leather seats etc....

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I think it's just personal preference. I remove the seat and then drape a folded towel over it.

When washing, I don't spray, I just let the chamois drizzle over the paint to get it wet and soak and use the towel to control any run off.
I would be more afraid of getting water on the ECM than the seat
Agreed. The one time I removed the seat and washed the bike I covered the ECM with a plastic grocery bag...
I wash my bike like I wash my truck.
Water hose, bucket of soapy water, bourbon and music.
If the bike is dirty... so is the seat.
I clean it like any other surface on the bike.
Then I treat the leather with saddle soap.

Its clean.
Its beautiful.
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