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Apparently they’ve never heard of any issue with a pickup tube and neither has Polaris. They also told me they could not replicate the shutting down. No idea where the fuel level was at the time they tested it though. So when I pick it up I’ll have to run it low again and record it to send in to Polaris.
Shocking, an Indian dealer has "never heard" of a problem, and "can't replicate it". Good luck getting Polaris to help.

The pickup is in the wrong place. It's known bikes came from the factory with them installed incorrectly, and dealers are notorious for not putting them in properly either.
Pull tank, flip it over on a towel, remove the fuel pump flange. The pump assembly on the flange connects to the pickup screen on a flexible hose. It's fiddly, but you need to ensure the screen is fully seated into the lowest style-line on the tank. There are two little baffles on either side designed to hold it in place. It may be sitting on top of these little baffles, instead of down between them. You have to fish the screen in with your fingers, and just by feel slide it around a bit. You should be able to feel it drop into it's seat. Carefully pull your fingers out between the tank and pump flange, then rebolt the flange up.

The baffles are there precisely to hold a little pocket of gas right around the pickup, so it won't cut out on decel as fuel sloshes around.
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