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Looks like it’s all printed out to be put on a bulletin board. Surely you’re not going to sell after all that work?

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Plain Jane is not going anywhere except my garage!
(She was in a local bike show last summer so I printed up a little sheet so people knew what they were looking at.)

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^^^ @BMSpeedy Now that is a nice looking Scout. Love the 'ground-pounder' exhausts.

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Could you share some insight on turn signals and handlebars? The bike looks awesome 😃👍
Bar is Dean speed I believe. Can't recall 100% it was only like $80 though. Had to drill a couple holes for the cable tie Christmas tree plugs. Signals are from joker machine. Not plug and play. Or at least not when I did them

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Tire Fuel tank Wheel Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Side mount plate
Tinted indicator lenses
Headlight prison grille
All balls fork seals
S&S intake
PV3 tune
Crusher exhaust cans
Nitron R3 shocks
Legend fork cartridges
Adjusted Dean Speed Sissy Bar
Fat Monkey Reciprocal Radius 11” Bars
Kuryakyn Thresher Grips
Puig Heritage Levers
Black comfort seat
Black rear seat
Octane wheels
Night dragon tyres. 180 looks 180 on these wheels.
Barnet clutch cable +6
My own extended brake line from under the tank
Namz wiring extension

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2022 Indian Scout Bobber (ABS)
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removed front fender and added some tire paint

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I am doing something similar and just came across your post. It is hard to see but are those washers welded to steel rods? I assume you used the inner lower shock mounts? How did you secure the front part of the fender? Here is a few photos of what I am in the process of doing,

This is a short 8mm roughly M12 threaded rod with a center hole tapped for M6 and blue thread locked into place. One on each side.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle part

Crankset Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle tire Tire

I then took 10mm rod and tapped a M5 hole to match the 4 eyelets I bought. The eyelet on the 2 lowers were ground down to accommodate the cast aluminum bulge that was preventing the eyelet from seating flush. Then used M5 threaded rod pieces to connect the eyelets to the rod bottoms and tops. They rods were cut longer and the threads were tapped deeper so I can shave down if needed after the bending process. They can always be lengthened with spacer pieces.

Tire Bicycle tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle frame

Me just temporarily holding the rod in place on the right side as the fender is obviously closer. The left side has a further bend in order to reach the fender. The bends have to accommodate the new top mounted caliper I have on the right and the rear belt drive sprocket on the left. The front of the fender is temporarily resting where it should live eventually once I sort out that mount.
Bicycle tire Hood Automotive tire Bicycle handlebar Motor vehicle

I made a template and will possibly be making a wood version of my idea before I make it out of ABS or something else. As I would prefer not to drill fender and keep it OEM if possible.
Tire Automotive tire Bicycle tire Wheel Tread

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Wood Synthetic rubber

You can see there is a space between the "fangs" of the fenders front part where the swingarm is. I have some ideas and will be following up on my build thread. I would love to hear how you secured yours Thanks
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Tread
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