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Hey Whizzbang...if the wheels look so bad, how do your hubs and bearings look? I suspect the hubs/bearings might be at the same "quality" level as the rims.

To each his own, but when looking at your pic's, I would probably be replacing the wheel assemblies and bearings with some known high quality pieces. I would especially be concerned about the metalology in the OEM assemblies and not just the plating...As your thread title says...Safety Alert!

BTW...a general question about seeing more overall citations on this forum reflecting on Polaris using parts that are not holding up or just don't measure up? Seeing more posts here (and another forum) with bad batteries, cables, electrical issues in addition to batteries, paint, plating, Scout tires and suspension components and factory assembly issues. These bikes have now been around long enough to start showing issues and hopping bikes notwithstanding.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts