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I finally go around to replacing my saddlebag lid that broke.

It was super easy. two bolts on the hinges and two allen bolts on the lock set. And a piece of HD wire keep that I got from a mechanic friend of mine.

The only tough part was needing an extra set of hands to assemble, but I worked that out with some bluetape. I did find a couple of design things that I liked. Primarily the lock set has two tabs that hold it in place and they are differing widths. So you can't really put the lock in incorrectly. It only goes in one way. Good job Indian.

One thing I did find and the reason for this post is that the two # 5 allens that hold the electric lock in place were both loose. I checked the other saddle bag and yes there a bit loose to. I added a drop of blue Loctite on mine to prevent them from loosening up again.

I will admit I have never checked those allens. I routinely check my header nuts, floor boards, nacelle, control housing for tightness due to vibration. But not those. So check them on your bike. You just need a # 5 long T shaped allen to snug them up...


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