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I use a Kuryakyn heal shifter on my RM. I like it much more than the factory model.

Recently, I installed the floorboard fringe kits from Indian. They were on the sale rack. After a couple of rides I noticed that my downshifting wasn't working correctly and finding Neutral was tough. This problem was intermittent, however. So, over this past weekend, I started looking closely at my bike and noticed that the fringe kits, were a very snug fit between the running board and the highway bar.
Finge 1.jpg

Finge 2.jpg

The fringe kit pushes my floorboards up just enough to interfere with the heal shift lever.

Finge 3.jpg

What may difficult to see here, is that the floorboard is cocked upwards closing the gap between it and the engine. The shift lever is making contact with the floorboard. Normally, there is enough gap between the floorboard and engine for the shift lever to travel without interference.
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