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RM extended reach seat and driver backrest issues

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Greeting RM Owners,

A buddy recently purchased a beautiful 2019 Roadmaster and has a couple questions for the RM group.

1. Has anyone found a work-around with fitting a driver backrest in a Indian Extended Reach seat ?
Indian dealer said, their drivers backrest won't fit their "Extended Reach seat" ( he already purchased seat now,) looking for possible advice.

2. Also, has anyone found a way to lower the passenger foot boards?
Boards on lowest slot level. ( wife has knee issues from past surgeries )

Its a Happy Wife, Happy Life thing.......

Thanks in advance for your expert feedback !
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I also shimmed the front of the receiver bracket. It still didn't want to go in without a lot of stress on the seat pocket. I moved the removable part of the receiver at the top of the post to the rear and straightened the lip at the top of the post with an adjustable wrench.
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