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I think I was one of the first production batch for the 2017 model change.

From what I saw - Rivco were to me more suitable for the situation of my setup.
Some other brands to me were not as robust.

Now the modules needed for my situation - Canbus adapter, 5 to 4 wire module, current isolator, wire harness Y adapter ... was a challenge to find a home for ( i put in the space above the drive belt, beside battery box)

I have had it installed for a few months, not pulling a trailer. Got one code fault for short in rear harness.
Just pulled my trailer this past weekend, works awesome !

This trailer I have had for about 10 years now, pulled originally by a 2003 Roadstar

The Roadmaster torque is more than adequate stock. Fuel Mileage does drop as expected.

But the Product, and support I have to say is Top Notch - For me !!

And I love you cannot see the receiver with the hitch removed

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