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I sell the "Ripper" intake for the 111 and 116 bikes. It is the only intake in the world (except for the "Hurican" for Scout) that is 3D printed. This allows me to get the shape I want without compromise. Normal machining can dictate a shape to save on costs. The bulbous elbow reduces airflow friction greatly. This is a known concept in hydraulics. Anyway some may worry about the material holding up. Why doesn't anyone else use this process? I have spent the last several years perfecting this. Even the manufacturer of the resin and printer had no clue if it would work. The printer and processing equipment I use cost about $5000 for one set up. The resin cost $663/gallon. To make sure it will withstand the real world I ran numerous tests. I made one and froze it. Then I dropped it from 6 feet onto a concrete floor. Repeatedly it did not break or shatter. I ran heat tests. At 160 degrees F it begins to soften but the rounded shapes keep it intact. 160 does not occur at the air filter unless the bike is on fire. Then I was worried about exposure to gas and oil. So I put samples of the material different sizes in a jar with gasoline, with oil, and with both. I began this test on September 29th 2019. After nearly one year the plastic holds up. On top off that the intake is painted with a special paint designed to take exposure to gas and oil. Then there is the aspect of " does it perform? Craig Bennet has been testing one for a long time. He has told me it is one of the best performing he has tested. He is going to publish a report on it soon. Of course many of you know he had surgery and is taking tough treatment now. So we will have to wait for his recovery (God willing). His recovery is more important than my silly intake. I bring all this info you because some think it is interesting. I tend to design and manufacture at the edge of current tech. So I love this stuff. I hope you do also.



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