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i have a Sena 30k set connected with my iphone and the iphone is also connected with the ride command on my challenger. this is what i want and i would appreciate if someone could guide me through this.
listen to music from my iphone through ride command
receive phone (with ringing/notification) and call through Sena

a couple of quirks i am observing with the ride command,
iphone playing music through USB does not show the now playing list on the ride command, i wont be able to pause/play with touch screen. the problem is that when i receive a call on the phone (i dont get any notification though), the music stops playing and i dont see any options to start playing again, i have to stop the phone, take my phone out and then play the music again.
iphone contacts do not sync with ride command, i have enabled the "Show Notification" and "Sync Contacts" and still it doesnt show up ride command.
when i play music through the ride command using bluetooth from my iphone, my Sena becomes useless, i am not able to communicate with my fellow riders or receive calls or anything with it, which is why i am forced to use USB source to play the music on ride command. but the problem with USB source for an iphone (not sure what the experience is for android phones or a USB drive), the controls to pause/play, skip songs dont come up.
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