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im thinking to install dirty bird lowering kit because of the height of the extended rogue seat. Any reviews on the kits? Pros cons?
Thank you so much!!


This is such a common topic the topic being “height challenged”- here is my copy and paste response. I’m think if you take the time to read it, you may find some helpful information. Anyways. Lots of words on this post, but you might find some useful information

I am 5’2 with <27” inseam.

It’s inseam not height that causes the issue.

I have a ‘17 Chieftain
I purchased it without ever test driving a 111 because there were no demo models I could stand up off the side stand .... shame on you dealers...........always trying to sell me a scout.

I digress.

Ok so when I picked up the bike it had the Arlen Ness adjustable shock
Heated reduce reach seat
Reach side stand

Side bar on the side stand
I will tell you that the regular stock side stand and the reduced reach side stand are exactly the same length, The reduced reach side stand is only difference in the fact that it has a knub. This knub did not help me. Also A lowering kit on this bike will not help you reach the side stand per se as the stand is the same length away from your foot no matter how low your bikes sits.
However, in a round about way, I did find it helpful dropping my bike to the lowest point so that at least one foot has solid footing to then be able to reach my other foot out at a weird angle to pull back the side stand

Since I never rode a stock 111 bike like I cannot tell you if the changes made the handling any different.

What I can say is that these changes were not enough I was still not flat-footed, not sure-footed, I still relied too heavily on the BF to move my machine whenever the ground was not perfectly flat.

Sooo we raised the forks into the triple trees by about 3/4” and also installed Rox risers to bring the stock bars closer to me.

Talked to a dealer about combining the Arlen Ness shock with the lowering link. I was told this would be a bad idea and not really lower and more than it already was.

So in the winter of 2018, I had the Arnott Air Suspension system installed

Stock height off fender is 11-1/2
0 PSI the fender is at 9- this tells me I got 2-1/2” drop.
I can ride at 0 PSI, and I often do in Stop and go traffic. And then when the traffics starts to go I raise the PSI, normally I’m at about 120 by the time I get to fourth gear.

0 PSI is amazing for reverse.

I am not an aggressive rider and so the fact that I can touch the ground flat footed is way more impressive than whatever my changes might have done to the handling by installing the air suspension

I should also say that I am flat footed with tennis shoes. I do not typically ride with a thick sole boot

My boyfriend who drives a stock ‘16 Chieftain states he notices no difference between the two motorcycles, other than he doesn’t like my seat because it feels different.

****i have a video but cannot figure out how to attach it****

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I have it installed on my 16 Chieftain . . It allows me to put my feet flat on the floor , woks perfect and I am very pleased I installed it . To the side kick stand issue , I instaled the Aeromach kick stand extension … problem solved . I now can reach the kick stand easily and safely .
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