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2021 Scout Bobber
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I don't care for the look of mini-apes. I already have the Vault Mitered bars which have 8" rise and 6" pullback. After riding for a few months, I've decided I still need to reduce the reach just a little bit more to be 100% comfortable. So - I just bought the Roland Sands risers which are beautifully made and will add another 1 3/4" rise and 1 3/4" pullback (2 1/2" diagonal). So all-in will be just about 10" rise and 8" pullback. Also, after consulting with my dealer on all this, just ordered longer front brake (ABS) line and clutch cable (both +6") from Magnum in the black pearl with black chrome fittings. An EXPENSIVE solution for reduced reach, but (IMO) will maintain the original aesthetics of the bobber.
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