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I got new tires installed last weekend and now have a super annoying rattle occuring when rear brake applied.

Took to dealer today they inspected tightened up and gave back saying nothing unusual but it's still happening.

Example, riding over bridge the resonating sound is amplified, same goes for passing parked's really ticking me off bc this is post tire install issue

Now the calipers have some wiggle to them under my visual check. Is that normal?

I've noticed the rear brake feels flat like it's not under spring tension...again dealership said brake tech rode and double checked..all is good..but it's not the same as before

The front brake is super hard works fine but stiff to me, the rear feels right too.

Is there a grease spot for pistons and calipers?

How can i adjust tension down on rear brake main concern. And the front?

Lastly, I was washing my car w a PowerWashed and hit the wheels from a distance to clean them, could I have blown the grease out of calipers??

Just a thought, if so how can I replace wo alot of hassle to check.

The sound a resonating and is 100% rotating . The intensity depends on speed and at higher speed almost clicks like taking a plastic spoon and gently placing against a spinning spoked wheel. Make sense

Lets see. Another a child I'd run by a chain link fence w a stick and let it slide against fence as i ran and it would make similar clicking rattling noise.

Also seems to be happening a little while riding bc I keep turning my ear to the right and rear thinking my license plate is vibrating or a washer is loose and the engine is vabrating a loose washer on a bolt that's not fully tightened.

Super annoyed and embarrassed at the stares of pedestrians going wt heck??

Pls lmk if you know whata going on so I'll know too and can fix it
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