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PVCX help needed

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So, I have a 2018 Springfield with no engine modifications what-so-ever and this isn't something I want to change. I like the airbox design and I love the exhaust note as-is. However, I really don't like that clack coming from the engine nor do I like the heat and vibration from the engine. All I want to do is enrich the air/fuel ratio so the bike runs better.

Now, I have purchased a PVCX but I need a map for a stock bike with an enriched mixture. I have searched online for such a map but have come up empty. I know that I will likely still have to tweak things afterward but I would like a place to start. My motorcycle is in the shop for warranty work (post coming in due course) but they are also going to upload this map file, if I can get one.

Does anyone possess such a map?
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OK, go to these people and you can get your CAT removed for $199. Get yourself an K&N OEM filter replacement and a tune from FuelMoto and I guarantee you will be VERY happy. Like said before, you will have to pair your PVCX to the bike, email the file to FuelMoto with your modifications, and they will send you a tune to fit your needs. Unless you have no computer skills at all, it is pretty straight forward.
If you want to take it to the next level, there are people on this forum that can guide you through fine tuning the process, but I was happy with my setup.
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