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Either way, the bike runs. Have had water cooled and air cooled.

Both ran fine. Water cooled was fine with me. Except when the crossover tube started leaking radiator fluid. Wasn't sure where the leak originated since it showed up on the front cylinder and on the front of the engine. The dealer (Not Indian. Foreign bike.) looked at it and couldn't determine the cause without closer examination. So, they got the bike, took off the seat and discovered the crossover O rings had stopped sealing. Minor repair I thought. $5 in parts maybe. I mean, how much can an O ring cost? Told the dealer I would pick it up and fix it myself. OK. I owed them $300 for shop time, taking off the seat and diagnosing the problem. I told them to fix it then. When it was done, I went into shock. $950 for the repair. Last time I took it in for anything.

So, water cooled may make some people happier than air cooled, but the chance for unknown locations of leaks is a hard lesson to learn.

Now, I am happy with the engine on the Springfield. Love the torque, the quick acceleration and the smoothness. I have total confidence in the machine. Well done.
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