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It is said that if you give bad service the customer will tell 9 other people, but a customer will rarely comment on good service. So I want to be one to comment positively on the service I received from my dealer - Cyclespot, Auckland, NZ.

I was having intermittent problems with my 2015 Chief Vintage. Every so often I was getting an ABS fault = error codes 904 / 5 and 84 / 19.

Back in March I rode 540 km round trip and had the dealer check out the issue. But they couldn't find anything and suggested I just needed to clean the ABS sensor periodically. (It wasn't my sole purpose for the trip).

Then when the ECU flash notice came out in July I sent the bike back up and asked the dealer to check out the ABS fault. Again they couldn't find the fault.

Then about 3 weeks ago the 84 /19 fault showed up and this time powering the bike off and back on, pulling fuses etc did not fix the fault. So I called the dealer. I spent an hour or so on the phone to the technician (after closing time) and eventually we decided the bike had to be looked at in Auckland. A week later they sent a vehicle to pick the bike up.

A week or so later my son was planning on driving through Auckland so I called the dealer and let them know I had window of opportunity to pick the bike up if it was fixed. When I first spoke to the Service Manager it didn't look good for it to be done. But then he called back to say they would be able to accommodate me.

They swapped out the faulty part and had the bike ready for me to pick up. I caught a ride with my son and had a wonderfully enjoyable ride home.
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