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Polaris has found a way to reinvent the Indian Motorcycle Company while still paying homage to its long-standing history.


When Polaris bought the company a less than a year ago, Indian was going bankrupt. For whatever reason, Harley-Davidson did not try to buy it, and now Indian is run by a company that mostly specializes in snowmobiles. That being said, Polaris Industries, Inc. has expanded its influence into other kinds of vehicles in recent months, and this is just another example of their growth.
While the Harley-Davidson brand is internationally recognized, Indian Motorcycles are edging close, giving the H-D giants a run for their money.
Since the beginning of the Polaris era, Indian has launched products that have been received with overwhelming support, including 2013’s Chief and the new 2014 Scout.


Polaris has also been using its new image to compete in the market that for so long has been dominated by Harley-Davidson. They are telling consumers that “now there is a choice in American motorcycles.”
Now that Indian Motorcycles have the backing they need from Polaris, and the creativity and engineering to put out great products, the sky is the limit for this great company.

Source: 2014 President?s Picks: Best Brand Building - Indian Motorcycle


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