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flying down the road trying to loosen my load.
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I have been running Scout#124 with a Pingle shifter now for 2 months. It is a great addition to the Scout or any motorcycle that you want to reduce clutch use with.

You can get on the throttle as hard as you want and it will shift more accurately and faster than anyone can manually.


I am not into snapping my head back or hammering the drive train so I find for good ol easy riding the sweet shift on my pingle is around 2200 rpm. I know where the power band is, trust me, I know. But for the smoothest transition 2-6 gears, 2200 rpm is great.

I love the PING sound the shifter makes.

You have to keep your foot out of the way when upshifting or the shift peg will hit the bottom of your boot and interfere with a clean shift.

Down shifting is a bit more tricky, the bike likes a little blip on the throttle to assist in the gear drop. I am still perfecting this technique - like all bikes down shifting is more clunky than upshifting.

The combination of the Pingle with the Rekluse EXP Auto clutch is an excellent choice for those who must commute in lots of traffic. You basically can forget about the clutch except during start up and emergency maneuvers.

The Pingle doesn't interfere with manual clutch use in anyway - you always have a choice.


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And...that paint scheme on your bike....drop dead stunning gorgeous!
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