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2019 Chieftain Limited
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I had Lloyd’s Garage in Charlotte perform a customer build in late 2021. The build includes the following Lloyd’s Motor Workz components – airbox and cover, 558 cams, and slip ons. The build also includes Arnott air ride with chrome LED gauge. The bike was dyno tuned by Lloyd’s and includes the PV3 controller.

Other notable upgrades are a Vic Bagger’s chopped tour pack, Ultimate Tall Boy seat with matching passenger seat and tour pack pad, and the following Indian accessories – highway pegs, Headdress Rider Floorboard Pads, Infinite Highway Pegs, Pinnacle Heel Shifter, Highway Bar Soft Closeouts, Mid Rise Handlebar, 13.7 in. Flare™ Windshield, Genuine Leather Tank Pouch, Fairing Mounted Garage Door Opener. It also as a 12” Kuryakyn 863 billet antenna.

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921 - 940 of 942 Posts