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I have been mulling around ways to mount a drink holder for my wife as we do many multi-day rides. I know there is a Kuryakyn one that goes on the trunk, but come on $80?? I am way too cheap, er uh.. frugal for that. I liked the idea's i have see where they get mounted to the passenger arm rests, but we do not have those as of yet. So i have been perusing the interwebs for some different cup holders and came across this gem. Yes i had to drill screw holes in the speaker grill, but i checked cheap cycle parts first and if i hate this for some reason, it is only a $40 part. Still much cheaper than the Kuryakyn option, and I loved the idea of being able to fold up the cup holder to where it isn't hardly noticeable when not in use. Unlike some of the other option where there is just always a drink holder sticking out.

Since the speaker grille is curved and the cup holder is very flat, i opted to make a couple of wood shims to match the radius of the grille That is actually much easier than you think. I just took a piece of scrap wood, held it against the grille and used my carpenter pencil and put the graphite tip on the wood while i dragged the wide part of the pencil down the radius drawing the exact radius. I then used the jig saw to make the rough cut along the line, and used the palm sander to finish it out. It took a few times putting the wood back against the grille to see where i needed to sand it to get the radius just right. Then used that as the template to transfer the radius to the 1x6 scrap i had. The 3/4" width of that piece is perfect for what i was looking to do.

I used 4 #8-32 x 3/4" flat head screws, washers and nylon stop nuts to mount the holder to the grille, as the holder had counter sunk holes so the screw heads don't hit the drink.The screws go through the holder and the wood and the nuts are on the inside of the grille. So the grille did have to come off for this to be done.

I love how it turned out and thought i would share it in case someone else is looking for a passenger drink holder option that wont break the bank. It won't really be used for a fountain drink, that's just what i had in the workshop to test it out. It will mostly be used for my wife's vacuum insulated water bottle, and the occasional 20 oz diet coke bottle, as the arms on the holder are adjustable.

Here is the link to the holder on Amazon:


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